Women’s Celebration 2014

 Baker-Ontario AAUW honored some of the unrecognized women who enrich our community on Tuesday, March 11 at 6 p.m. at the annual Women’s Celebration. (Tickets were sold at Betty’s Books and by AAUW members.) Bill Mitchell and his BMS Kiva were there to explain how the funds donated to them last year by AAUW were used for loans around the world. A soup, salad, and dessert dinner was served by Barbara and Paul from Zephyr Bakery. The event was well attended. In addition to this, there was a raffle and a silent auction.

Honorees were: Kim  Adcock, Jodie Averette, Joyce Badgley-Hunsaker, Deb Bainter, Lynne Burroughs, Mickey Edwards, Rhonda Hillman, Barbara Johnson, Carolyn Kulog, Kay Petrik, Jocylynn Potter, Barbara Prowell, Sue Richard, Barbara Schimke, Gloria Schott, Della Steele, Mary Stevenson, Barbara Wendt,  and Jessica Wickert.

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